Helpful Resources

Addiction Center

Department of Transportation

Institute for a Drug-Free Workplace
“…dedicated to preserving the rights of employers and employees in drug-abuse prevention programs ..”

This site offers publications, surveys and membership information.

Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA)
Provides news and information of interest to those involved in the drug testing industry.

National Institute on Drug Abuse
Contains any and all information related to drug abuse and prevention.

Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)
Government agency providing information on drug testing and drug abuse.

Substance Abuse Program Administrators Association
An organization composed of drug-testing professional and companies. Contains news on latest developments as well as membership information.

U.S. Department of Labor
A resource of regulations and statistical data on drug abuse and employment. Be sure to check out their Substance Abuse Information Database which contains a wealth of information related to workplace substance abuse issues.

Drug Watch International
A link to a position paper by an international organization working towards creating “healthy drug-free cultures.”

Street Drugs
Resource for tracing and education on Drugs of abuse. Photographs and information.

Understanding Addiction (always go back to basics)

I Abused Drugs for 10 Years. Exercise Helped Me Get and Stay Sober (real story)

Mental Health Benefits of Exercise (useful in a recovery effort)
National Institute on Chemical Dependency
Articles & Directories for: Chemical Dependency, Addiction, Addictions, Prevention, Recovery, Medical, Mental Health, Social Issues, Research, Education, Spirituality, Family, and so much more.

Treatment Facility Locator
This searchable directory of drug and alcohol treatment programs shows the location of facilities around the country that treat alcoholism, alcohol abuse and drug abuse problems.

Office of National Drug Control Policy
The UN Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention website provides information on drug control and crime prevention.
A Comprehensive Guide on Drug Addiction

Consumer Affairs – Drug and Alcohol Rehabs

Lab Safety Training
C&S Safety Training Videos.

Drug Dangers

Effects of Illegal Drugs on the Heart

The Drug Center

SAMHSA Knowledge Network

The Power of a Spiritual Path in Addiction Recovery (belief is powerful!)

A Holistic Approach to Mental Health Wellness (learn the benefits of treating your whole self)

Promoting Mental Health at Home (learning meditation can be a powerful cure)